A World Traveler

An Adventurous Spirit

An Inquisitive Mind

Steve Rice yearns deeply appreciates learning about how the world works and how other societies function through travel. He has been to many different places around the world excluding the United States, which include: Norway, Italy, Vienna, Qatar, Albania, the Greek Isles, and Barcelona. Steve believes that by traveling one can gain a better understanding of how the world works and how other people live in different cultures and economies.

For Steve, traveling unravels both beauties and beasts in unfamiliar places. It gives people time to think, observe, and learn new things ranging from culture and food to history. It also gives people the time to introspect and gain a broader understanding of the way certain things are done throughout the world, creating a type of benchmark on life and inspiration to live better and appreciate the things we have.

Traveling aids in not only exploring new places, but meeting new people and exploring your own self. It helps us face fears and expand our minds to things we wouldn’t expect to see in our own societies and homes. For Steve Rice, traveling is one of the most important things humans can do.